Sprint Beyond the Book: The Future of Publishing


Book cover for "The Future of Publishing" Volume 1. Subtitle "The Future of the Book" Contributing authors, Arial Bogle, Joey Eschrich, Jane Friedman, Dan Gillmor, Lee Konstantinou, Charlie Stross, Corey Pressman. Edited by Ed Finn

Sprint Beyond the Book: The Future of Publishing

Frankfurt Book Fair, Frankfurt, Germany

Straight Out Of Sci-Fi: Cyberpunk Author Plans Tallest Skyscraper Ever

5 Burning Questions: Bruce Sterling

In this episode of 5 Burning Questions, we talk with legendary science fiction author, design critic, editor and journalist Bruce Sterling. Bruce recorded this interview with us during his tenure as CSI’s inaugural Visionary in Residence. Among many other things, Bruce blogs for Wired.com and is the de facto spiritual leader for ASU’s Emerge since its inception in 2012.

Science Fiction Evening Snack: Interfaces and the Future of Design

Make It So with Nathan Shedroff Interfaces in sci-fi serve a primarily narrative purpose. They’re there to help tell the story of how a character disables the tractor beam, or

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Science Fiction TV Dinner: Red Dwarf

Location: Cottonwood Hall, Room 101/103 Map: http://goo.gl/oHnSRU Blast into the distant future with the Science Fiction TV Dinner series and BBC’s classic science fiction comedy, Red Dwarf! Join us for

Lego zombies attack another Lego person holding an axe

Science Fiction TV Dinner: The Walking Dead

This event is presented by ASU’s Center for Science and the Imagination and Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law. The Science Fiction TV Dinner series has been reanimated for a

Countering Dystopian Science Fiction’s ‘Wet Blanket Effect’ on Innovation

Annual Report 2012-13

Download the 2012-13 Annual Report

Is There a Difference Between Necessary and Unnecessary Bad Science?

Bruce Sterling creates 21st century Petroglifs at CSI

During Emerge 2013: The Future of Truth this spring, CSI Visionary in Residence Bruce Sterling was hard at work with a team of collaborators at Arizona State University testing the limits of our rapid prototyping and fabrication facilities. The result of this whirlwind of creativity is an original exhibit of 21st century Petroglifs carved into native Arizona rock with laser cutters.

Event Recap: Former Intel CEO Craig R. Barrett on the Future of Moore’s Law

By Sarah Rothbard This post originally appeared on Zócalo Public Square. Zócalo Public Square is a partnership of the New America Foundation and Arizona State University; Future Tense is a

Doctor Who

Science Fiction TV Dinner: Doctor Who, “The Shakespeare Code”

Celebrate William Shakespeare’s birthday with Doctor Who! Join us for a screening of the episode “The Shakespeare Code” and a conversation about time travel, the Elizabethan era, TARDIS, Time Lords

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Help Neal Stephenson Engineer the Weird and Create a New World of Sci-Fi

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Van Gogh’s Role in Space Exploration and Other Great Tales of Science

By Torie Bosch Science panels don’t normally involve a striptease, even a G-rated one. But on Saturday, March 30, Neil deGrasse Tyson took off his shirt to prove a point